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Image filename: Young woman drinking traditional Argentinian yerba mate tea from a calabash gourd with bombilla stick
From Alexandr Vorobev in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: herbal tea
From manyakotic in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Natural Green with red cup at the beach
From Birte H.

Image filename: Black Delicatino stainless steel cup in the mountains
From Birte H.

Image filename: Loose mate leafs in red bowl with spoon
From Birte H.


Image filename: Hispanic woman drinking mate from traditional cup using metal straw, south american popular drink
From Fotos 593 in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Details of a gaucho man drinking the chimarrao in winter - Rio Grande do Sul - Southern Brazil. 
From Samuel in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Young woman drinks traditional Argentine yerba mate tea from a calabash. 
From IBRESTER in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Yerba mate with a wooden spoon on isolate a white background
From Sklyarov in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: yerba mate in matero on a table
From studioflara in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Yerba mate cup and leaves.
From monticellllo in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Young hispanic man drinking mate infusion doing ok sign with fingers, smiling friendly gesturing excellent symbol
From Krakenimages.com in https://stock.adobe.com/


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Image filename: Schiefertafel mit der chemischen Formel von Coffein.
From Zerbor in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Schiefertafel mit der chemischen Formel.
From Theobromin in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Dry mate tea, isolated on white.
From Africa Studio in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Matestrauch
From Ruckszio https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: yerba mate in matero on a table. 
From studioflara in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Drinking mate
From Aleksandra in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Young couple enjoying in the outdoor park drinking mate
From jaime in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Flower of the Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) plant in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.
From Helissa in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Mate Cup with yerba green leafs.
From Dolnikov in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Group of multiracial friends playing football at the beach. 
From Davide Angelini in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Volleyball Beach Player.
From mexitographer in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: girl drinking mate she using calabash and bombilla. she sits on the beach and smiling
From raisondtre in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: polenta gialla su piatto di legno
From vpardi in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Blank vintage recipe cooking book and utensils
From karandaev in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: eating cornstarch alfajor and drinking yerba mate infusion
From Leandro in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Uruguay flag and soccer ball in goal net
From barbraford in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Leg skill training on football field
From Jacob Lund in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Details of a gaucho man drinking the chimarrao in winter - Rio Grande do Sul - Southern Brazil.
From Samuel in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Man serving chimarrao - the typical drink of the gaucho people - Rio Grande do Sul - Southern Brazil.
From Samuel in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Brazilian woman drinking the typical Gaucho drink - Rio Grande do Sul - South of Brazil.
From Samuel in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Cropped Hands Making Yerba Mate Tea In Wooden Cup
From bruno lorenzatti/EyeEm in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) without stems in foreground, close-up
From Dante in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Traditional yerba mate tea on wooden table
From chandlervid85 in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Full of flavor yerba mate with calabash and bombilla
From shaiith in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Yerba mate tea in calabash on wooden table. Traditional Argentine, Uruguayan and Brazilian drink. typical drink from rio grande do sul
From RHJ in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Beautiful young woman drinking traditional yerba mate tea
From Sofia ZA in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Mate drink over a wooden table with old teapot, pastries and bowl and jar with yerba mate sticked dried leaves
From Gaston in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Matte ice tea with lemon
From Marco Tulio in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: yerba mate with gourd matero, bombila, wooden spoon and linen bag on wooden background.
From marcinm111 in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Flor Dulce de Leche and Alfajores
From Birte H.

Image filename: Flor Dulce de Leche and chocolate alfajores 
From Birte H.


Image filename: Green chimichurri sauce with grilled steak.
From fahrwasser in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Sliced grilled beef steak with chimichurri sauce on dark dish, dark background, close-up.
From vaaseenaa in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Traditional yerba mate tea on wooden table.Copy space.
From chandlervid85 in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Yerba Mate.
From airdragon in  https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: mate bowl, outdoors. Yerba mate typical of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Mountain scenery in the background. It consists of a gourd, a pump, ground yerba mate and warm water. 
From RHJ in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Cropped view of an unrecognizable female cook making Argentine alfajores by putting dulce de leche into dough lids
From Guillermo Spelucin in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Cooking alfajores - a traditional dessert from Latin America or Mexico. Shortbread cookies with dulce de leche and coconut.
From ricka_kinamoto in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Doce de leite or dulce de leche is sweet made of milk, caramel milk dessert. 
From Carla Nichiata in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: porción de pastel relleno. 
From Gabrieldome in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Young beautiful woman enjoying a healthy raw fruit juice.
From NDABCREATIVITY in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Traditional yerba mate tea on wooden table
From chandlervid85 in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: man's hand holds a mug of beer with silhouettes of North and South America.
From Ermolaev Alexandr in https://stock.adobe.com/

Image filename: Glass of beer with the heart represented with froth close up ove
From Hyrma in https://stock.adobe.com/


Image filename: Tereré mit Natural Green Fresh Lemon
From Birte H.

Image filename: Tereré mit Natural Green Wild Berries
From Birte H.

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