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ONE TIME EXTENSION: 15% discount on all yerba mates with code: GM2024
Valid until 03.06.2024

Mate tea for athletes: refreshed through the workout

Whoever does a lot of sports has to drink a lot. For this you have a variety of drinks to choose from. Water, isotonic sports drinks or tea compensate for the fluid loss of the sweaty workout. Mate tea also proves to be perfect for this purpose. On the running tracks or in fitness studios, mate tea is also becoming more and more significant for athletes.

Mate tea during sport - Soccer

The valuable ingredients such as caffeine, theobromine, theophylline in combination with the hot water are not only delicious, but also develop their stimulating effect. We briefly summarize what you need to know about mate tea for athletes.We tell you everything you need to know about mate plant.

Mate tea for athletes: push your performance limits

Mate tea is the ideal drink for athletes. The caffeine content develops into an energy booster that can be helpful to you during a workout or before a competition. Meanwhile, even top athletes like footballer Lionel Messi swear by a big sip of mate tea when warming up.

Swimmers in particular are affected by early competition times. While most can sleep in on the weekend, they are on the starting block early to fight their way through the water as quickly as possible. The fight against fatigue is quickly declared with a mate tea for athletes. The stimulating effect makes you awake and lets you go to your sporty maximum. The caffeine in mate tea unfolds its full power slowly - giving you the best conditions for a long day of competition. With the tart mate tea, many athletes manage to maintain their concentration for a long time and fully focus on the test of strength.

Whether for performance-oriented or recreational activities, mate tea is becoming increasingly popular among athletes. Similar to green tea, mate tea for athletes contains many necessary vitamins and minerals.

Mate tea as a sports drink

Already in the 16th century, the Guaraní Indians discovered mate tea and used it as a medicinal plant. Today, mate tea is still prepared and drunk in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, as well as the rest of the South American continent. Mate tea during sport - Beach volleyballWhether in the office or in socially established rituals, hardly any South American leaves home without the proper mate accessories of calabash and bombilla.

More and more often, the drink is also discovered in sports. Mate preparation can be hot or cold. Thus, you get the mate tea for athletes once as a cool refreshing drink or as a warm sports drink. Warm drinks are known to reduce sweating - especially during sports, this can benefit you. Like many teas, mate tea can also have a diuretic effect on athletes. This means it can help regulate water balance in the body in addition to burning fat through endurance or muscle training.

Finding the right mate tea for sports

The idea of pouring yourself a mate tea at the gym after every workout is quite amusing. This would unnecessarily drag out the workout session and actually also create a lot of effort. Mate tea is ideal for athletes when it is taken already prepared. With selected Mate accessories you can do this easily.

Mate tea is available not only as an infusion drink, where you can resort to dried and crushed leaves of holly, but also in powder form. The ingredients and the stimulating effect are preserved in the granules. All you have to do is choose the right amount and pour the mate tea for athletes. In a thermos, it also keeps the desired temperature for several hours.

That's why mate tea for athletes is the perfect choice

The largest amount of mate tea is consumed in South America. At the office, with loved ones or during sports - the national drink is enjoyed on every occasion. Athletes are less concerned with socializing; for them, the focus is often on health.

When we engage in sports, the body has a high demand for water and trace elements. Without compensation, it suffers damage and can not perform at its best. The tea plant alone contains valuable ingredients. By the hot or cold infusion these get into the water.

Mate tea during sport - Yoga

Alternatively, the sportsman tea can also be enriched with additional flavors such as citrus, mint, ginger or honey to enhance the taste. Unlike juices or spritzers, mate tea for athletes does not contain sugar and thus does not burden the body with unnecessary calorie intake. For training, you can tailor Mate tea to your individual needs and have your perfect sports drink on hand at all times.

Buy mate tea online

Even though the drink does not yet have the status in our country as it does in South America, it can already be found on many supermarket shelves. In our online store at, however, you will discover more than just tea blends from the countries of South America. If you would like to enjoy the yerba mate not for sports, but to serve it with a typical meal, there is a large selection of specialties from South America available to serve to your guests.

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