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ONE TIME EXTENSION: 15% discount on all yerba mates with code: GM2024
Valid until 03.06.2024

Healthy with yerba mate

Yerba Mate has won friends all over the world. People who are looking for a stimulating drink without damaging their health find mate to be a great solution, mate stimulates both body and soul, by giving healthy energy.
Mate is known in the world thanks to the South American Indians, the Guaranies. They used it as a medicine and as an energizer. Nowadays mate is consumed daily in South American homes, at family gatherings, at meetings with friends, and even at work.
And still today, mate is used as a medicine and stimulant.

Some characteristics attributed to Yerba Mate:

  • Energizes
  • Stimulates brain activity
  • Eliminates stress
  • Calms allergies
  • Fortifies the immune system.

A group of investigators from Pasteur Institute and the Scientific Society of Paris have researched yerba mate and concluded that mate has the necessary vitamins to enhance life.
Mate also has another substance: Caffeine, but in much smaller quantities than tea or coffee. You need to drink a lot of mate to notice the caffeine.

Independent Hygiene Institute’s investigators from Hamburg, Germany, arrived at the conclusion that yerba mate has mateina, which helps to relax muscles, aids in asthma treatment because it is a good bronchial dilator. 
It has been proven that mateina contains a chemical composition similar to that of caffeine, but mateina doesn’t damage the body. Even people who are sensitive to caffeine are able to have Mate with out any side effects.

Stomach and intestine 
Yerba mate can be an important factor, because it balances movement in the intestines and improves the digestion process. It can act as a very mild laxative andmild diuretic. Carbohydrates are digested more quickly thus making it easier to burn calories.

Nervous System
Mate increases mental agility, without any side effects such as nervousness and excitement. Drinking Mate provides more resistance to mental and physical tiredness, and boosts the spirits of depressed people. One of the most important characteristics is that it balances dream cycles. All of this is a product of its energy and vitality.

Heart and body
Mate is used as a basic food by the body, because it is nutritious, it eliminates the sensation of hungerand provides energy as would a complete meal. In areas of South America where hunger is more common, people who drink mate feel healthier.
Besides mate has vitamins that help the to fortify the heart.

Immunologic system
Mate can stimulate natural resistance to illness; it means that mate increases immunologic system efficacy. It is not been proven that this is the result of drinking mate, but its nutritious content is the probable reason, since drinking Mate increases the white corpuscles.

Reference: Información del texto "Yerba Mate - Para una salud mejor" de Daniel Mowrey, Ph.D.

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