1. Who are we?

Delicatino GmbH is a company specialized in the sale of products from South America, mostly through the internet. The headquarter is settled in Bremen, in the North of Germany:

You can find us here:

Neidenburger Str. 9, 28207 Bremen
Tel: +49 (0)421 40 89 77 70
Fax: +49 (0)421 43 77 362
Email: info@mate-tee.de

You can make purchases through our website, by telephone, fax, email or directly in our storage in Bremen.We are speaking german, english and spanish! Even when we are not open you can call us and can make our order to our Call-Center by calling the same number. They are speaking english and german. So, you can call us every time!

We are looking forward to your order!

2. What products do we have?

You can buy different products from South America in our shop. Current we can offer you 612 different products. We have a great range of yerba mate, a selection of exquisite organic teas and equipment for yerba mate, for example Calabazas, Bombillas and Water heaters. Furthermore, we offer you delicacies, specialties and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Supplementary we offer T-Shirts, barbecue equipment, books and gift sets.
You can buy vouchers too, they have a value between 10€, 25€ and 50 €.

3. Where are our products from?

Our products are from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Spain and Uruguay. The most important brands are directly from the producer in South America. This makes possible that our products are always fresh and low-priced.

4. What are the opening hours? Can I buy products directly at the headquarter?

Our opening hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 16:30 pm. During this period our office is open and you can come to our stock sale. You can contact us at the following number +49 (0)421 40 89 77 70.

We are looking forward to your visit to our stock sale in 28207 Bremen, Neidenburger Str. 9! We would like you to pay with your bank card in the stock sale. Cash payment is only possible in exceptional cases.

If you pre-order by phone or email, you will get 10% discount.

5. When can I buy products again when they are out of stock?

When a product is out of stock, you can be notified by e-mail when the product is available again. If you want to be notified by e-mail, you need to sign in and search for the product you want. Then click on it and you will see a button with the inscription “Inform me when available”. When you click the button, you will receive an e-mail when the product is available again.

6.  Can I buy products, which are not offered on this website?

Everything we offer is available through the online shop. When you are interested in other products write an email to: info@mate-tee.de.

7. What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate is not a normal brew because it is stimulant for body and mind and has no negative side effects. It consists of small-cut, dry leaves of the Mate-Shrub. Previously it was a house made medicine of the Guarani-Indian and today it is still used to cure diseases. But meanwhile it is mainly used as a replacement for coffee. Mate contains all vital vitamins, helps with diets because it restrains the appetite and contains caffeine.

Yerba mate is vegan and vegetarian.If you want to learn more about the yerba mate you can find information on our website at “Fit mit Mate” and “Mate-Tee preparation”.

8. What is the difference between smoked and roasted yerba mate?

Smoked yerba mate is dried by fire and in this way, it gets a smoke flavor. It won’t be roasted and do not have direct contact with fire, while drying.

9. What do you need to prepare a cup of yerba mate?

To prepare a traditional mate you need yerba mate, a Water heater where you can set the temperature, a Calabaza (Mate Cup) and a Bombilla (drinking straw). Now you just need hot water and you can enjoy a traditional yerba mate!
You can buy all these products in our store!

10. Do we have vegan and vegetarian products?

Yes! All our Tees from yerba mate to organic are vegan and vegetarian. Our Empanadas are available in two vegetarian varieties. Before you are going to buy something in our shop we would recommend you to read the ingredient list in the description. So, you can be sure you can eat this product. Please look up for allergens as well.

11.  How can I buy something in the online store?

For making a purchase you have to do the following steps:

  • Select the products you like to buy

  • Click “Checkout”

  • Enter your email-adress and password and click “sign in”

  • Select the mode of shipment and click “continue”

  • Select the mode of payment and click “continue”

  • Click “comfirm order"

You can call us or send an e-mail to make an order as well: +49 (0)421 40 89 77 70 or info@mate-tee.de.

12. Is the VAT included in the price?

All prices shown include the VAT. The shipping costs are not included.

13. What about the shipping costs?

You can find the shipping costs here: https://www.mate-tee.de/Shipping-costs:_:14.html?language=en

The normal shipping in Germany will be for free from a value of 39,- Euro.

14. How can I Pay?

You can pay in the following ways:

  • By direct debit. This payment method is only possible with German banks and the money is debited directly from your bank account.

  • By Invoice. You pay the invoice by bank transfer after you received the package. This payment method is only possible from the second order.

  • By direct debit (bank collection) in the SEPA procedure. This method of payment is only possible with German bank accounts and the money is debited directly from your account. The IBAN number and the BIC code are required for your account.

  • With a Credit card (Saferpay). Accepted cards: Mastercard, Maestrocard, Visa und VisaVPay

  • Payment in advance. You will get an email with our bank details to do the transfer. Once we have the money on our bank account we will send the merchandise.

  • PayPal Plus (classic PayPal from your PayPal account, direct debit, credit card and purchase on account). For all these payment methods, you pay directly to PayPal.

  • On delivery. Only for deliveries within Germany and orders by phone, fax or email. For this service, you have to pay additional costs of 8,00€ and the total amount has to be paid in cash upon delivery.

Please note that in our store sale only card payment is possible! Cash only in exceptional cases!

15. Is it possible to indicate a different delivery address then the billing address?

You can give a different delivery address. During the order process, you will find a page with the delivery information. To change the delivery address, click “change address”, enter your address and click “continue”. Please note that the new address will be saved for future deliveries.

16. How to know if my order is correct?

If you sign in to your account you will see all orders up to that moment and the corresponding status.

  • Pending, for orders that have not been edited yet
  • Processing, for orders to be prepared or waiting for payment in advance
  • Orden on the way, for packages that have been sent
17. How to change an order?

To change your order send us an email to info@mate-tee.de or call us +49 (0)421 40 89 77 70. Tell us your order number, please. If the order is already on the way a change is not possible anymore.

18. How to cancel an order?

To cancel an order send us an email to info@mate-tee.de or call us +49 (0)421 40 89 77 70. Tell us your order number, please. If the order is just paid by bank transfer send us your bank details for the refund. If you just paid with credit card or PayPal the refund will occur automatically. If the order is already on the way a cancel is not possible.

Please also see our rights of revocation.

19. Can you deliver to my german "Packstation"? 


Yes we deliver to german "Packstations". You can select this when entering the address.

20. How do I know when my order arrives or if it has already been sent?

We always send the packages as soon as possible. When your order has been sent, you will become automagical email with a tracking number. With this number, you can track your order.

21. What to do if my package arrives damaged?

If the package or the products arrive damaged, please contact us immediately. You can contact us by email info@mate-tee.de or telephone +49 (0)421 40 89 77 70. Please make photos of the damaged package or product! We will find a solution for the problem.

22. What to do if my package does not arrive?

If your order has been shipped you will find with the tracking number all the necessary information at the website of the carrier. If you have other questions or you do not get enough informations from the carrier website, you can call us or send us an email.

23. Is it possible to exchange an order?

You can exchange an order or a product. In that case please contact us by email info@mate-tee.de or telephone +49 (0)421 40 89 77 70. We will inform you in which way an exchange can be made, depending on the case. Please also consider our General Terms and Conditions of use and the statutory right of revocation.

24. Is it possible to return an order?

You can return an order or a product as long as the packaging is unopened and in its original condition. In that case please contact us by email info@mate-tee.de or telephone +49 (0)421 40 89 77 70. We will inform you in which way an exchange can be made, depending on the case. Please also consider our General Terms and Conditions of use and the statutory right of revocation.

25. How can I write a review about a product?

Sign in to your account and search the product you want to review. Click on it. On the right side, you will see the reviews. Now you can write a review if you click the button “Leave a review for this product”.

You can also write a review about our Online-Shop by visiting the web site www.trustpilot.de and searching for “Mate Tee”.


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