Empanadas - typical Argentinian food

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Empanadas are a typical Argentinean food. You will always find them whenever friends and family get together. There are many different varieties, reflecting regional tastes with various fillings and types of pastry. Preparing empanadas is a part of everyday life in Argentina. In some northern regions they have fillings with potato and hard-boiled eggs that are baked in the oven. In the central part of the country they are often made with cinnamon and raisins and are fried. In the south they use lamb, fish or seafood as a filling. They can also be made with vegetables, ham, cheese, chicken etc. Try our empanadas and enjoy the genuine taste of Argentina.   

Tapas de empanadas

Tapas de Empanadas are the perfect ingredient for the preparation of the empanadas. It is important when choosing which kind of tapas to buy, to know if the tapas should be baked in the oven or fried and whether it will be shortcrust or puff pastry. All empanadas can be perfectly combined with different fillings. Try our tapas and if you need inspiration you will find recipes for our tapas here (link to recipes).

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