Enjoy your mate tea again and again

Wie lange Mate ziehen lassen?The preparation of mate tea is a small science and yet very individual. The strong tea is not only enjoyed with special tools such as a bombilla and calabash, but traditionally infused several times. If you are a beginner at enjoying mate, there are a few things to keep in mind and try out. Maybe the first sip of freshly prepared mate is too strong for you. Then you should infuse it several times and drink it with a weakened aroma.

How the proper preparation of yerba mate works, you will learn in detail elsewhere in this blog. In this article, we will focus on the infusion time and multiple brews, which promise you a long enjoyment. If you prepare mate tea correctly, it will last for a long time and you can infuse it multiple times.

Mate tea preparation with teapot: is it possible?

Mate tea is not prepared in its entirety, but is repeatedly infused in a calabash, gourd or similar utensil. It depends, among other things, whether you use leaves or other mate components. Mate tea is used abundantly so that the bombilla can stand in the steeping cup (the calabash).

The thermos is ready to periodically replenish the hot water. It is a complement to the classic mate accessories. The tea in the calabash is only partially moistened, which is why dry leaves can be found at the top even after a first or second infusion. It is infused at least three to five times. It usually takes until the tenth infusion before the taste is much weaker. If it loses all its flavor, experts speak of "mate lavado" - washed mate.

Always pay attention to a correct mate tea dosage. For the first sparse infusion with a bit of water, just twenty seconds is sufficient. The purpose of this is that the powder at the bottom can now expand briefly and the bombilla thereby does not clog when inserting. Now pour again with hot water and drink directly.

This is how long you can steep the mate tea

Mate Tee ziehen lassenA mate tea preparation without a calabash is not usually done, but with a conventional tea cup it is also possible to prepare your mate tea. Use about five to six teaspoons per liter. The brewing time for the first infusion may be short and twenty seconds is quite sufficient. Let it brew for about three to five minutes after the following infusions.

You can choose, for example, to prepare the tea with a French Press. The tea is prepared like normal tea and left to brew for a few minutes. We advise you on our packaging to steep the tea for 5 minutes at 90 degrees.

Pay attention to the brewing time and other preparation instructions for the type of tea. Mate tea is brewed with hot, but not boiling water. There are some varieties where only 40 degrees hot water is recommended. In this case, the tea should steep for two minutes longer.

Ideal brewing times of tea (first infusion):

  • Yerba Mate: 20 seconds so that the bombilla does not clog
  • Green tea: 1 to 3 minutes
  • White tea: 2 to 3 minutes
  • Black tea: 2 to 5 minutes
  • Herbal tea: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Fruit tea: 5 to 10 minutes


Why is the brewing time for mate shorter than for other teas?

Mate-Tee ziehen lassen im Mate-Becher
This is partly due to the fact that mate tea is quite bitter. For green and black tea with similar properties, it is also not recommended to steep for too long. The brewing time should be shorter so that the bitter notes do not stand out unpleasantly. However, there are quite a few consumers who appreciate these very characteristics.

Another drawback of a long brewing time is the loss of the full effect of the caffeine. Mate tea steeped for a short time contains more of the already elevated caffeine and is very invigorating. The cup or calabash is filled only about two-thirds full when steeping for the first time. This way, the strength can be easily toned down by adding a little more water. Here you have to make your own experiences and find your preferences.

The tea composition also plays a role in the strength of the tea and thus the brewing time of your mate tea. Some tea blends consist mainly of leaves ground into powder and are small in size. They provide a distinct flavour, while other parts such as stems and coarse pieces are less intense.

Celebrate the pleasure of Yerba Mate with a moderate dosage and pay attention to the brewing time

We advise you to enjoy the tea quickly and never let it steep too long. Test the strength and taste it as often as possible. The mate tea unfolds its flavor again and again thanks to the repeated infusions. You will experience the aroma in all its facets.
If possible, use a calabash and for a pleasant consumption use the drinking straw, the bombilla. It separates the solid components from the delicious hot beverage. Bon appétit!

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