The incomparable taste of mate - why is it so appreciated?

What does mate tea taste like? This question is difficult to answer, as there are several varieties. Other characteristics are the addition and the ratio of powder and stems, the latter being less intense flavour carriers. In addition, there is the method of drying by smoking or in the sun, as well as any additives in the form of fruit. They all play a decisive role in the experience of mate enjoyment. In this article, we would like to discuss the origins of this popular tea and its taste characteristics.

In doing so, we cannot ignore the occasions on which it is drunk and its devotees. What do its fans like? Which types of mate tea are popular? At what events or meals is its aromatic taste appreciated?

Origin and general characteristics of the mate flavour

Matemate tee geschmack tea originates from South America and is appreciated beyond the continent.    Some countries on the continent call the reduced leaves yerba. The drink has many names and is known by several names depending on the region. In Europe, it first found its way into alternative and student circles. Due to its special taste and its activating properties, it is now popular among many sections of the population. Mate tea, especially as a soft drink but also as a classic tea, contains a relatively high amount of caffeine, although much less than coffee.

Origin of mate:

  •  Brazil
  •  Argentina
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay

The sugar content varies and although it tastes basically bitter, it can contain distinct sweet notes due to additives. Mate soft drinks, on the other hand, are more sweetened and taste similar to lemonade. However, this says nothing about the actual taste. In general, it can be said that the mate flavour is very smoky and partly earthy. The smoky aroma takes some getting used to for many people who are enjoying this tea for the first time. An organic trend is therefore moving towards gentle drying without smoking. After a short time, however, this aroma is one of the most popular characteristics.

Many positive medical effects are attributed to mate tea, among other things because of its activating effect and a slightly bitter taste. However, most of them are not proven and belong to the realm of myths. Due to its lower sugar content, mate tea can support a healthy lifestyle and has been proven to have an invigorating effect on the circulation.

We regard it primarily as a stimulant and a welcome import from South America that enriches the range of beverages worldwide. One of its positive characteristics is its function as a good thirst quencher. More on this later when it comes to well-known mate fans you may know from the world of sport.

First celebrate the preparation, then savour the mate taste

Mate tea is classically drunk through a metallic or bamboo straw with a special texture, the so-called bombilla. The container, also called a calabaza, is a hollowed-out gourd. However, other natural materials such as leather, wood and other raw materials are also popular. The preparation in South America also has many variations and peculiarities. It differs from country to country or region to region..

If you are interested in an original tea preparation, then we recommend our blog article on drinking mate tea with all the ultimate secrets. Don't worry, the regulations for the "perfect" mate enjoyment are not that strict. You can enjoy the tea with hot water or ice cold, with or without a shot of alcohol and in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening.

Do you appreciate the special mate taste more in the morning to wake up or do you need a little energy kick in the evening? Some people say that mate tea awakens feelings of happiness. Whether this is due to the special taste, its ingredients or the way it is prepared and taken is up to you.

Mate tea comes mainly from Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil and is available in several varieties. Some varieties are more fruity and rely on added guarana, others are more herbal and spicy. In addition, fruit or herbs can be added. Get an overview of the best-selling mate tea varieties. Find out in which variant and combination you prefer to experience the mate taste.

These celebrities love the taste of mate

mate tee geschmack Are you a lover of mate tea and lemonade? We introduce you to three famous mate fans in the last item. Honour to whom honour is due: Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who comes from Argentina, is a self-confessed mate drinker. You may know him primarily by his official name: Pope Francis I. The pontiff drinks mate every day and has known it since childhood. Mate tea is the national drink in Argentina and even the favourite drink of the head of the Catholic Church.

In politics, mate is popular with seasoned statesmen. Probably the most famous revolutionary in history, guerrilla leader Ernesto "Che" Guevara, was famous for his preference. He greatly appreciated the taste of mate and drank the tea frequently. He was also born in Argentina and his father was even the owner of a small mate plantation.

South American footballers from Argentina and Brazil are also among the drink's devotees. Interestingly, it is a Frenchman who swears by mate in a particularly media-effective way: Antoine Griezmann can often be seen with a calabash and bombilla. A mate-flavoured thirst quencher seems to have established itself among professional athletes. Salud!

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