Green tea or mate tea: what are the differences?

Green tea, mate tea, black tea, fruit tea - the list of tea varieties can be continued indefinitely. And almost every tea lover has his or her personal preferences. One question that comes up more and more often is that of the differences and similarities between green tea and mate tea. What are the characteristics, are there similarities or do both varieties even have the same origin?

We would like to take a closer look at the topic of green mate tea and also shed light on both infusions.

Things to know about mate teaGreen tea or yerba mate tea

In South America, mate tea is called the gold of the Indians. The indigenous people already knew how to enjoy the tangy tea made from the leaves of the holly tree. The phases of cultivation, harvest and growth are long, which is why the infusion drink has such a high value. In Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil, mate tea is the national drink.

The leaves of the holly are the basis for mate tea. The shrub is cultivated on plantations or grows wild. The geographical characteristics of the countries - high altitudes or proximity to the sea - also give rise to different nuances in taste. After one year of growth, the bushes are cut down completely and then sprout again for several years.

The first harvest takes place after about four years. The leaves are then dried and crushed. To add roasted aromas, drying takes place over fire or in a prolonged fermentation at high heat.

What are the differences between green tea and mate tea?

Things to know about green tea

The main cultivation areas for green tea are Japan, China and India. Tea plantations have been a tradition there for many thousands of years. The tea plant for green tea comes from the camellia genus. The leaves are much softer than those of the holly. During the growth phase, the leaves for green tea can be picked by hand every one to two weeks. Less expensive tea varieties are also harvested by machine.

The production of tea extracts is similar to mate tea in some steps. Green tea is quite mild because the leaves are not fermented. However, to keep them green longer, oxidation must be prevented. To do this, the harvested leaves are exposed to high heat for a short time. Depending on the region of cultivation, there are also differences in the taste of green tea. While green tea in India has a slight citrus or nutmeg note, the aroma in China is much more floral.

Similarities between green tea and mate tea

Both types of tea are said to have a health-promoting effect. Many studies have been written about it, but a clear medical recommendation is not to be found among them. Generally speaking, whether green tea, mate tea or black tea, there is a diuretic effect. So if you drink a lot of tea, you will have to go to the toilet more often - but basically this applies to any drink.

The preparation of mate tea and green tea is also similar. For both hot drinks, the dried leaves serve as the basis. They are infused with water at about 80 degrees Celsius and left to steep briefly. The calabash is the traditional vessel for mate tea, green tea is drunk from a cup. The taste of both varieties is tart - with different nuances depending on the growing region.

Green tea or mate tea?Is there green mate tea?

Yes! green mate tea is unroasted organic mate tea. It usually has a slightly bitter but fruity aroma. It consists of 100 percent pure and dried organic mate leaves. Its taste is comparatively mild and the earthy aroma is retained. It can also be brewed several times.

Green mate tea is mainly grown in Argentina and is called Taragin. Visually, there are hardly any differences. The dark green leaves are finely cut and are of high quality. There are hardly any small knots to be found in the green mate tea. Green tea and mate tea are not the same thing, but you will increasingly find organic green mate tea.

Enjoy green mate tea

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