South American cuisine with chimichurri and delicious variety of meat

What is Chimichurri and how is this special South American speciality made? In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the popular, typical Argentinian sauce Chimichurri. It is traditionally served with meat and is therefore often used in Argentinian asado.

We will explain the ingredients of the often quite spicy sauce and what variety they have in the preparation of meat. Besides the asado, Chimichurri is used in many other specialties from South America and can be adapted to your preferences. Do you like exotic spiciness and South American flare? Then a jar of Chimichurri should not be missing in your kitchen. The preparation takes a little time, but the culinary experience is worth it - promised!

Chimichurri Rezept für Sauce What is Chimichurri made of and where are its origins?

Chimichurri is a thick sauce that originated in Argentina. It has found its way into the entire South American region in various versions. It is used either as a side sauce or marinade for meat and fish. You can find authentic Chimichurri in our selection, or you can try your hand at making it yourself and adjust the level of spiciness individually.

The main ingredients include:

  • finely chopped parsley
  • garlic and onion
  • oregano, thyme, bay leaf
  • dried paprika flakes (Ají Molido)
  • black pepper and salt
  • chili

You crush everything thoroughly with a mortar and pestle and add oil and vinegar. The amount of chili, paprika and pepper determines the spiciness. Mix everything until a thick emulsion is formed. This must steep in a cool place for at least two weeks. Store it in a clear glass container.

What exactly is asado and why is Chimichurri the perfect complement?

Chimichurri is versatile and, let it be said, is also used in tacos, wraps, potato and vegetable dishes. However, it develops its unique flavor particularly well in connection with meat. Asado is a true holiday food in South America and actually means "grilled food." In Argentina and Uruguay in particular, it refers to cuts of beef and innards. Asado is also a classic family meal in Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia. Friends or family get together on holidays or the weekend to grill or cook the meat in a very special way.

The pieces of meat are draped horizontally over a wood or charcoal grill. A special form of this is the grilling of large pieces of meat including the skin - called asado con cuero. In addition to beef, people use other animals for asado grilling with a strong Chimichurri marinade, depending on the region, preference or availability:

  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Goat
  • Lama
  • Poultry

Chimichurri is also excellent as a steak sauce for your home barbecue enjoyment. It enhances any beef or pork from the grill. Serve with side dishes such as grilled vegetables, bread and salads. A mate tea or rum complete the South American evening with friends.

If you want to try Chimichurri more as a sauce than a marinade, then you should try different types of sausages. In Argentina, sausages of different types of preparation and from different animals find their way onto the grill and are seared to perfection. Pieces of meat and sausages are often combined and both end up on the grill in equal measure. This is where creativity is called for. Try several types of sausages with Chimichurri and find your favorites.Chimichurri Fleischgericht

More preparation ideas with Chimichurri

Chimichurri with its strong spice enriches meat, fish, vegetables and more. You can vary it individually and add pine nuts, for example. As a sauce or last topping on beef directly on the grill, it is a real treat. Have you ever tried roast beef with chimichurri? Even with pork chops or pork strips and a tomato and bread salad, it is a highlight.

Mild Chimichurri mixed with egg is the basis for a tasty omelet, which you can serve with or without meat. Vegetarians don't have to do without Chimichurri anyway. They can enjoy it on sweet potatoes, for example, or mixed with grilled vegetables in tapas or flatbread. In wraps or toasted bread, combine it any way you like with cooked or grilled vegetables: tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, squash, corn or with avocado.

Whatever you decide, Chimichurri is an exciting addition to grilling and many other types of dishes. The special sauce keeps quite long in well-sealed jars thanks to the special ingredients such as oil and chili. Stockpiling is easy. You can make some of the sauce with plenty of advance notice if you have a big barbecue coming up with friends and family. Choose different levels of heat or concentrate on sauces for serving or strong marinades. Have fun and enjoy!

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