Cooperativa Agrícola de la Colonia Liebig Ltda., based in Argentina, celebrates its 95th anniversary as a life project built by German, Ukrainian and Polish immigrants. Currently led by Ricardo Daniel Handziak, the cooperative stands out for its Playadito brand of Yerba Mate, which leads the Argentine market and is exported to 12 countries.
Yerba Mate cultivation begins with a careful selection of seeds collected between March and April. The seedlings are transplanted to the field after they have reached about 20 cm in height and remain between 6 and 10 years to obtain the optimum yield.

Yerba Mate green leaves are harvested manually or mechanized from December to September. The leaves are then subjected to a three-stage drying process, resulting in a canchada yerba mate with a humidity of less than 5%.
The canchada yerba mate is stored for 9 to 24 months in covered warehouses so that it acquires the ideal aroma, color and flavor characteristics. Afterwards, it is milled and packaged to preserve the product optimally until it is ready for consumption.

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