Discover the delicious magic of Havanna, the iconic brand from Argentina! Since 1948, Havanna has captured the hearts of sweet enthusiasts with its exquisite specialty, the Alfajores. Each bite is a flavor journey that will transport you to the essence of Argentine tradition. With carefully selected ingredients and a centuries-old recipe, Havanna stands for quality and authenticity. The soft and sweet layers of pastry filled with the smoothest Dulce de Leche will instantly enchant you.

On January 6, 1948, Havanna opened its factory and sales salon in Buenos Aires, with visible production. In 2005, Havanna embarked on its international development. We have always prioritized establishing and nurturing the relationship between our brand and our customers above all else. Based on this excellence premise, today we have decided to offer the quality and freshness of our products, along with the warmth of our services beyond Argentina.

Argentina is a quintessential consumer, and its taste is deeply rooted in the local gastronomic culture. The idea of Alfajores originally came from the Arab world and traditionally consisted of a base of almond, nuts, and honey paste. However, one man, a pioneer, added a particular and distinctive touch. The French chemist Augusto Chammás opened a small confectionery factory in Argentina and created a round Alfajor - a novelty for that time that changed the concept of Alfajores worldwide.
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