Bella Vista, Itapúa. There, a long time ago, this beautiful story began.

It was the old yerba mate plantations of Mr. Gustavo Raatz, where his son, Lauro Raatz, and his wife, Mrs. Sara Ulbrich, began the great adventure of the green gold. The dried yerba, produced in a drying plant run by hand, was sold in bulk in their own little store, where they also sold sweets, since there was a school across the street. The year was 1956.

Pajarito started in a modest store selling loose yerba, then 300 packets a day packed by hand. Today, the company produces 15,000 packages a day and creates real jobs. Its name, suggested by a worker of the yerba plantations, is "Pride of the Nation"!
This little bird that began to fly in Bella Vista, Itapúa, now covers a large part of the world with its wings spread, carrying a native brand and an authentic Paraguayan product.

Lauro Raatz S.A. is a company that not only strives for excellence in its business and the quality of its products, but also follows clear principles of social responsibility.
It is a company with a national outlook that is involved in the community by continuously supporting education, building schools, funding scholarships and supporting culture and sports. It also promotes the creation of community gardens and the construction of housing for workers.
In addition, it supports small farmers by providing them with seedlings and training in the cultivation of yerba mate. It pays special attention to the human and professional development of its personnel with a view to fulfillment.

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