Pajarito Compuesta hierbas yerba mate 500g

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Pajarito – combined with herbs 500g

The yerba mate Pajarito is native the Itapúa, Paraguay. Mate tea is a national pride.

Pajarito combined with herbs has been produced with a yerba mate with stems and flavored with an exclusive combination of herbs: mint, burrito (Aloysia polystachya) and lemon verbena. It is smooth, refreshing and digestive. A yerba mate which can to miss to mate or tereré.


Store in a cool and dry place.

Instructions for use:

Preparation in the French Press / Teapot: for 1 litre you take approx. 12g yerba mate and let it brew at 80 degrees for approx. 5 minutes.

Preparation in a mate cup: detailed instructions can be found here: Yerba Mate Preparation


Yerba Mate, mint, burrito, lemon verbena, smoke

Origin: Paraguay

Net weight / net volume: 500 g

Responsible food business operator: Delicatino GmbH, Neidenburger Str. 9, 28207 Bremen

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