In 1920, the Baldo story began in a small artisanal mate tea factory founded by brothers João, Antônio and Luiz Baldo, sons of Italian immigrants from Vespasiano Corrêa, a town in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The production of mate tea grew steadily, and the "matured mate" achieved great success in the market. Today, Baldo is a Brazilian company headquartered in Encantado/RS with factories in Canoinhas/SC, Prudentópolis and São Mateus do Sul/PR producing mate tea.
The climate, the soil and the way of cultivation give the leaves of Erva mate a unique taste that can only be found in this region.

Special attention is paid to the harmony between agriculture and industry through environmentally friendly production methods to ensure sustainable production. The company supports the agroforestry model of dense mate tea cultivation used by producers who care about sustainability and the protection of the natural environment.
Cultivation in the shade of araucaria, imbuia and cedar trees contributes to the conservation of the Atlantic rainforest, allows sustainable management and values the efforts and good agricultural practices, improving the income of farmers.
Harvesting takes place in the waning moon, as at this time the sap of the plants flows particularly favorably, facilitating the manual selection of branches and minimizing damage to the plant. The leaves are then less moist, requiring less heat in the drying process.

Baldo's vision is to be recognized as the best company for the production and distribution of mate tea. The mission is to offer foods that provide new sensory and healthy experiences while using resources in a sustainable way. The company's core values are respect, efficiency and responsibility.

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