Guaraná Antarctica

Guaraná Antarctica - The Energy of the Amazon

In 1669, the clergyman João Felipe Bettenford embarked on an expedition through the upper Amazon region and observed the Maués Indians. There, he made an astonishing discovery - Guaraná. The Indians crushed the fruit in a gourd and drank it. The fruit provided them with so much strength that they could go on a day-long hunt without feeling hungry. Moreover, Guaraná was also used to cure fevers, cramps, and headaches.

Today, Guaraná Antarctica is a popular beverage from Brazil, carrying the unique energy and flavor of the Amazon. Originally created by Pedro Baptista de Andrade in 1921 for Companhia Antarctica Paulista, it has become a classic that can be paired with anything! Whether with popcorn, chicken snacks, hamburgers, or Acarajé - Guaraná Antarctica always complements perfectly! Let yourself be enchanted by its refreshing taste and savor the best of the Amazon in a revitalizing sip!
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