Di Carlo

Tapas de Empanadas Di Carlo - Dough sheets for making Empanadas

20 years ago, the DI CARLO brand was born with a visionary idea - the perfect fusion of artisanal flavor and cutting-edge technology. The remarkable growth soon made DI CARLO proud owners of their own factory, where they could offer homemade products of excellent quality.

The Tapas de Empanadas come in two preparation options: Tapas para horno (for baking) and Tapas para freír (for frying). Whether you prefer classic Empanadas with savory minced meat and vegetables, love a delicious vegetarian version with cheese and spinach, or want to try creative combinations with exotic ingredients - with the Tapas de Empanadas from DI CARLO, you can unleash your culinary imagination and create delicious masterpieces.

Inspired by a passion for authentic flavors and culinary creativity, DI CARLO accompanies its customers on a journey through the world of Empanadas, where tradition and innovation blend in a unique way.
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