CBSé - yerba mate 500g - Frutos del Bosque

Argentina > with steems > 2 medium > mixed with fruits > Natural > smoked > Gluten-free
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The history of CBSé started in 1978. By that time the founders decided to bring a new product to the market, a combination of Yerba Mate and mountain herbs: the first combined yerba mate in Argentina.
The company started as a small family project with a factory and a warehouse in Santa Fe. Then it started to spread and nowadays they have millings in the provinces of Misiones, San Juan and they stock in Córdoba and La Rioja.

CBSé Frutos del Bosque belongs to the CBSé Gourmet line and is a very delicious yerba with the flavor of wildberries.
Ideal for enjoying the traditional yerba mate as for the tereré.

Free gluten product (suitable for celiacs).


Store in a cool and dry place.

Instructions for use:

Preparation in the French Press / Teapot: for 1 litre you take approx. 12g yerba mate and let it brew at 80 degrees for approx. 5 minutes.

Preparation in a mate cup: detailed instructions can be found here: Yerba Mate Preparation


yerba mate with stalks 97%, wild rose (2%), natural raspberry flavor (1%).

Origin: Argentina

Net weight / net volume: 500 kg

Responsible food business operator: Delicatino GmbH, Neidenburger Str. 9, 28207 Bremen