We present the brand Taragüi, which translated from the Guarani language means "Corrientes" in Spanish (stream), a name that honors the city in which it is produced.
In 1924, Víctor Elías Navajas Centeno, heir of Las Marías, challenged the traditions of the region by successfully planting the southernmost yerba plantations on the planet.

The Union brand is a trailblazer in the market, combining smoothness and performance in a single Yerba Mate. Its goal is to create special moments where distances are bridged, and we respect each other regardless of our differences.

The protection and conservation of nature have always been part of the work culture at Las Marías. Caring for water begins with responsible agriculture. In our case, for example, we plant our crops in contour lines, which prevents erosion and contributes to preserving the cleanliness and clarity of streams and lagoons.

The working conditions of those who work with Las Marías are of paramount importance. Therefore, we regularly conduct training and compliance checks with regulations. Our conscientious way of working, thinking in the long term and for future generations, is reflected in the certifications and distinctions that have been awarded to us over the years:
- Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
- Argentine Food Seal
- Rainforest Alliance
- Forest Stewardship Council®

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