In 1936, Don Demetrio HREÑUK, son of Ukrainian immigrants, with the active participation of his wife Catalina, founded a family business dedicated to the cultivation, harvest, and drying of Yerba Mate in its early years. In 1966, they acquired their first mill and began commercializing processed Yerba Mate, giving birth to the brand Yerba Mate ROSAMONTE.

Based on the concepts of honesty, optimal quality, customer needs, and market demands, we promote and establish our development and growth in Apóstoles, Misiones Province. We understand that our generation defines the outcome, so it is part of our work to protect the entire natural extension of our fields. We become advocates for our natural resources, dedicating ourselves to plantations, caring for native fauna and flora in our ecological reserves, conducting impact studies, collaborating with environmental activities, certifying them, and raising awareness about these tasks.

At Rosamonte, we manually acquire the seeds from our best plants, those with the best color, size, and without damage. We plant them with utmost care and affection in special seedbeds in our nurseries, under strict control of temperature and humidity until they mature, and we take care of the seedlings as they sprout and begin to grow. We do not use pesticides or artificial fertilizers (chemicals) since our apostolic soil provides us with all the necessary nutrients for the best development of these seedlings.

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