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Empanadas Delicatino

In Argentina and many other countries in Latin America this delicious filled Empanadas are part of the most popular and preferred dishes of every country. A celebration without Empanadas is no celebration at all.

It´s interesting to know that the dough as well as the filling varies in every region and country.

In Argentina the Empanadas are so popular that each region in the country developed its own version and identity of them. From North to South we can find varieties such as: humita (corn and cheese), salteñas (with potatoes), tucumanas (knife cut beef, jujeñas (with peas), patagonicas (with lamb), etc.

There are also fillings that are independent from the region itself. The Empanadas are perfect for trying new combinations such as: Vegetable mix, ham and cheese, etc.

We invite you to try our delicious line of Empanadas Delicatino. Perfect to share with family and friends, no need to work hard, as they are ready to be baked in your oven.