We present the brand Taragüi, which translated from the Guarani language means "Corrientes" in Spanish (stream), a name that honors the city in which it is produced.
Since 1924 the Establecimiento de Las Marías is the place where the yerba mate has been cultivated, harvested and elaborated.
There are a lot of types of Taragüi and in our assortment you will find the following products:
- Taragüi con Palo (with stems)
- Taragüi Despalada (without stems)
- Taragüi Naranja de Oriente (orange)
- Taragüi Cítricos del Litoral (citrus)
- Taragüi Maracuyá Tropical (passion fruit)
- Taragüi Liviana (less powder)
- Taragüi Mate cocido (Teabags)

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