Almidon Selecta - manioc for baking Chipa - 500g

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Manioc flour 500g

Manioc flour is the main product obtained from the cassava root. It is used as a binding substance for cooking. Manioc has culinary properties similar to those of wheat. It has high nutritional values, very light and easy to digest. Especially good for those who are allergic to gluten. In the kitchen it is used to thicken creams, sauces or soups.

In South America it is even a substitute for wheat flour. In Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil is commonly used for baking chipa or pão de queijo. You can also use it for baking bread, pie, pizza, alfajores and scones.


100% Manioc flour

Origin: Paraguay


Store in a cool and dry place

Net weight / net volume: 500 g

Calories (kcal): 1450 Kj /345 Kcal

Total Fat: 0g

   of which Saturated Fat: 0g

Carbohydrate: 85g

    of which Sugars: 0g

Protein: 0g

Salt / Sodium: 0g

Responsible food business operator: Delicatino GmbH, Neidenburger Str. 9, 28207 Bremen

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