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Natural Green - 15% discount in the brand of this month

February - 2020

15% discount in the brand of this month*: Natural Green

This month we present the yerba mate "Natural Green" which comes from Brazil and counts with a biological certification.

This yerba mate has a premium quality, is dried without smoke, has no stems and no dust.

We have two versions: "Energy", with extra energy provided by the seeds of guarana and "Pure Leaf" without stems and powder.

If you have not tried them yet, do not hesitate and take advantage of the 15% discount* that we offer in all the yerba mates of our brand this month!


*The offer is valid for all the yerba mate of this brand until 02.29.2020 or while supplies last.


Other products with discount


Starterset Delicatino Natural Green 200g "Pure Leaf" and "Energy"- different versions

These sets contain a package of 200g yerba mate, a mate-cup (ceramic, silicone or natural) and a bombilla.

This set is available in different versions. 

from 14,36 EUR


Mate Set Delicatino Natural Green 500g "Natural Green Valley" and "Red Volcano Energy"

This set consists of one package of yerba mate 500g Natural Green "ENERGY" or "PURE LEAF", one ceramic Delicatino mate-cup and 1 bombilla.

This set is available in different versions. 

from 21,21 EUR


Gift Set Delicatino different versions

Take advantage of the discount on the brand of the month and do not miss the opportunity to get one of these sets.

from 16,06 EUR


New Products


Thermo stainless steel Delicatino - 1L

Filling quantity - 1 L
Height - 30 cm
Diameter - 8 cm
Material - stainless Steel


17,90 EUR


Mate cup stainless steel Delicatino black (double-walled thermo cup)

Width: 8,5cm
Height: 9,5cm
Mouth: 5,5cm
Filling capacity: 180ml

13,90 EUR


Product of the month


Maní Tapioca Premium - 500g hydrated cassava (vegan, gluten free, lactose free)

This product consisting of hydrated cassava starch has a neutral flavor. It is ideal to prepare crepes, wraps, tacos, pizza, milkshakes, etc.

4,99 EUR
Price / Kilo: 9,98 EUR