Bolso Picnic "Argentina" - open mate bag made of foam

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This "matero bag" is the ideal companion for mate lovers who want to carry their passion everywhere.
Perfect for car trips because it is open to the outside,  for stowing your yerba mate utensils between your legs.

The sturdy structure and the special compartment allow for safe and stable transport of a thermos, preventing spills.  In addition, the high quality fabric and the unique style, which pays homage to Latin American culture, make the "matero bag" not only a practical object but also a fashion accessory.

Ideal for picnics, car trips or simply to enjoy a mate in the park, this bag is a declaration of love for traditions and the good life outdoors.

- length: 28cm
- width: 11cm
- Height: 33cm

Materials: textile foam, lined inside black, printed outside, patent leather bottom

Made in Spain
Handcrafted quality with great durability and resistance

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